Monday, February 28, 2011

Konad - Revlon nail polish

Base coat: OPI
Colour : Revlon (Forgot which colour), 2 coat
Konad : Konad Special Polish in silver, Bundle Monster plate
Scotch tape mani with OPI Black Onyx
Top coat : OPI

Konad - OPI You don't know jacques

Base coat : OPI
Colour : OPI You don't know jacques, 2 coat
Konad : Konad Special Polish in silver, Bundle Monster Plate
Top coat : OPI

Elianto Nail Colours

I was checking out the nail polish in Elianto and swatched on my nails. Beware! These Elianto stores do not provide nail polish remover. I was at the Ipoh Parade store and the salesgirl following me did not alert me about it. What's the point of following me around, Ms Blockhead? I ended up leaving the store with rainbow coloured nails and pissed. Although there are a few colours that I liked, I only bought one because of the poor staff attitude.  

Elianto Sparkling Diva Nail Colour, 2 coats each.

Starting from the thumb, Tangerine Orange, Alice Blue, Glittery nikel, Aspen Green and Glitter Bronze.


So which colour did I choose? The sparkly Tangerine Orange! 

Alice Blue was rather sheer, and I could still see my nail line with 2 coats. I like the Aspen Green and Glitter Bronze as well, but held back because of the poor staff attitude!  

Wake up Elianto Ipoh Parade!

Canmake Crackle Lac Nail

Crackle! Canmake has 3 Crackle Lac Nail colours, blue, yellow and pink. I have tried Pink Crackle on my toes. It is matte and very easy to apply. This is handy to camouflage any chips or damaged. Pretty, like pink leopards? Forgive the dry cuticles. 

Colour : Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish, Charcoal Grey, shade 28, 2 coats
Crackle : Canmake Crackle Lac Nail in pink, 1 coat
Top coat : OPI

Konad - Barry M nail polish

Barry M is a UK drugstore brand and this nail polish was a free gift from the magazine SHOUT. This colour is deep purple with rough glitters. Weird, there's no indication of the colour or colour code on the bottle. Although glittery polishes can last, this chip off within 2 days.

Colour : Barry M, 2 coats 
Konad : Konad Special Nail Polish in silver
Top coat : OPI

Konad - China Glaze For Audrey with silver stripes

China Glaze For Audrey is a lovely colour. It is easy to apply, opaque (2 coats) and quite durable.

Colour : China Glaze For Audrey, 2 coats
Konad : Konad Special Nail Polish in silver, Bundle Monster Plate
Top coat : OPI, 1 coat