Sunday, October 3, 2010

bourjois nail polish, 1 seconde and Ultra Shine

I bought my first bourjois nail polish, to be precise, TWO of it. I bought 2 different range to try the quality of the nail polish, 1 seconde with the fan like brush and the normal flat brush Laque Ultra Shine nail enamel.

1 second application per nail. 50 second drying time.
With fan effect brush.
1 nail, 1 coat, 1 second

What do I think of Bourjois 1 seconde?
I was quite sceptical about the fan-like brush as it seems to big for my last fingers. However, it was rather easy to use, and quick drying. This is probably the reason why it's called "1 seconde", it can dry in one second? It is relatively smooth and easy to apply. I applied 2 coats for a nice even color. It will probably takes me a few days to test its durability. I will definitely buy a few more colours from this range to try.
The revamped version of previous So Laque nail enamel with X2 vinyl for maximum shine! 
So Laque Ultra Shine nail enamel, a long-lasting pure nail lacquer!
The formula is enriched with:
- Twice as much vinyl and a blend of highly reflecting resins for nails with incredible shine.
- Fixing agents coating nails with a highly resistant film fthat holds for up to 7 days.
What do I think of Bourjois Ultra Shine nail enamel?
This has the normal flat brush, which is similar to OPI's. I bought a nude colour from this range, which takes about 2-3 coats to see the colour. It is quite easy to apply, but since nude, it can look abit streaky. It looks rather nice on nails since it is shiny even without applying topcoat. I'm not impressed by this range. It can last 3 days on my hands without topcoat. I feel that it is just a slightly above average nail polish. Maybe it is due to the color that I chose?

Cheaper Revlon Cosmetics in Changi Budget Terminal

I'm surprised that Revlon cosmetics is much cheaper in the Changi Budget Terminal Departure Hall than Watson in Singapore. I hauled a lot of stuff, including the highly raved Revlon PhotoReady Foundation (SGD16), Colorburst Lipsticks(SGD9.90).. If I didn't remember wrongly, these are selling in Watson for SGD32.90 and SGD 21.90, respectively. The colour range for the PhotoReady Foundation is wider than Watson too, which carries shade 04 Nude as the lightest shade. I find that 04 is a bit too dark for my MAC NC20 skintone, hence I have been hesitating about buying this liquid foundation. Since the Budget Terminal carries shade 03, I definitely have to buy it! Remember to visit the Revlon shelf if you travel out via Changi Budget Terminal Departure Hall!