Thursday, December 16, 2010

Watson - Buy 1 get 1 free for Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick and Revlon Nail Polish

Buy 1 get 1 free!

Only for these two products; Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick and Revlon Nail Polish

Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick  is selling at SGD17.9 (after discount = SGD8.95). The ones I bought were manufactured in Oct 2010. 

Revlon Nail Polish is selling at SGD11.9 (after discount = SGD5.95). Different colors are made in different dates. Some are rather old stock, I have seen some manufactured dates as far as Feb 2009! Be careful when you pick out the colors. For this price, I will not buy such old stock that has been sitting for ages.        

Saturday, November 20, 2010

BB Cream Review - Elianto Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream (SPF 45 PA+++ )

Elianto Miracle White Multiplex BB Cream (SPF 45 PA+++ )

Description Uniquely formulated with arbutin and lavender extracts to function as makeup base, foundation, moisturizer and sun protection, while giving you natural coverage and firm, smooth skin. (50ml)

Price MYR 59.00

Colour 3 shades are available: Soft Beige, Nude Beige and Warm Beige

I bought this during my recent trip to Malaysia. I selected Soft Beige which seems natural with my skin tone NC20. 

I have been using this BB cream for one week and am loving it. I am using this BB cream on its own, without any foundation to test out its effects. The coverage is light, hence it cannot cover up my scars and pigmentation.  However, it evens out the skin for a healthy and fresh look with a slight dewy finish. I think if I want to create a more flawless make up look, I'll have to use a concealer before this BB cream, or lay a foundation over it. The SPF 45 PA+++ is excellent for Singapore's climate and my fair skin. I hope it can prevent new pigmentations from popping out.  It has a faint herbal scent, but quite unnoticeable and bearable. The oil control is quite good for my face, but I have to blot my nose after a few hours. I try to apply MAC Blot Powder to just the nose area. This BB cream doesn't dries out my face or "wrinkles", even after 10hrs in a strong air conditioned room. It doesn't clogs up my pores or causes pimple outbreaks too. Lovely! 

I have added a new favourite to my BB cream collection.

There is also another BB cream from Elianto, Miracle Multiplex BB Cream (SPF 25 PA+). Description Uniquely formulated with lavender extracts to function as a makeup base, foundation, moisturizer and sun protection, while effectively controlling sebum production to give you oil shine-free skin. Price MYR 49.00 I didn't buy this as I am pretty concerned about using "oil-controlling" BB cream after trying out the Dr Jart's BB cream and I prefer the higher SPF.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III launching at Sephora ION Singapore

I have just received this mailer from Sephora Singapore. The Urban Decay Book of Shadows III is really launching in Singapore, at Sephora ION, 13th November 11am. It is selling at SGD88, which is not so pricy as compared to USD54 = SGD70.2. However, if you have ordered during the 20% off Family and Friends Sale event, the difference will be more significant.

Do check it out if you are interested. The Book of Shadows III is sold on the first-come-first-serve basis.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dr. Jart Rejuvenating Silver Label BB Cream SPF 35 Review

I caught the craze of BB creams recently, since it is convenient to use in the mornings when I woke up late. I did some internet research through google and bought a few of them to try. I bought the Dr. Jart Rejuvenating Silver Label BB Cream SPF 35 / PA++ from Watson Singapore.

Most reviews commented that this is good for combination/oily skin as it has oil control, with moderate to full coverage. I do agree that this is easy to apply and blend with my fingers. No pimple outbreaks after wearing this for a few weeks. The oil control for my face is quite good, and shine on my nose appear after 4-5hrs. After wearing it on my face for half a day, it seems to dry up my face, not dewy or glow, but wrinkled! I can see the fine lines popping out! My beautician also commented that my face has turned super dry and flaky, and clogged. Erm, it seems that maybe I am better off not wearing this. Tsk, that is such a pity since I may have 2/3 tube left. I have tried to moisturize my face (with Etude House Collagen Moistfull Essence In Primer)
prior to applying this BB cream, but it didn't improve the over-dry and wrinkle condition today. I will try with other moisturizer to test if i can reduce or prevent my face from "wrinkling" up during mid-day.  

My current skin condition
Combination/oily skin (tends to shine at T-zone)
Pitted acne scars with big pores
Mild pigmentation
Sensitive with occasional outbreaks 

Please note that these are my personal opinions, and product performance varies according to individual's skin.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette hype reached Singapore in September 2010. Due to the overwhelming reservations on Sephora SG's wait list, I was told over the phone that it had sold out. I consoled myself that this might be a blessing in disguise as this palette is rather expensive and the colours are warm tones.

However, I went into Sephora Ngee Ann City two weeks ago and found a treasure. Viola! There were several sets of Urban Decay Naked Palette on the rack. Lucky me! I quickly grabbed a set and made payment. It costs SGD$73! Argh. That's too expensive as compared to USA (US$44 = SGD$57) and UK ( £27.00 = SGD$57). Well, actually it's not too bad if I consider the SGD$16 difference as shipping fee?

After using this palette for the first time today, I think it's definitely worth the SGD$73. The colours are so pigmented. The palette has a mixture of matt and shimmery shades, which is excellent since both suits different mood and occassion. I guess I'll probably take a week or two, to try out all the colours. Although I have been using the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion for a year, I have never tried any of Urban Decay's product. I'm optimistic, since I had swatched all the colours on my arm when I was in Sephora to check out the quality of these shadows.  

There are quite a few of the 20% off Family and Friends Sales going on in USA recently and I have ordered my Book of Shadows Vol. lll! Hurray! This Book of Shadows Vol. lll hasn't reached Singapore officially. I guess there will be another crazy hype for it in Sephora SG and I might not be able to purchase one. I decided to order mine from the states and it costs me USD$43.2 = SGD57 after the 20% discount. Counting down to meet my Book of Shadows Vol. lll....

Monday, November 8, 2010

My MAC Brush Family

I was packing my cosmetics, and decided to arrange and list all my brushes. I realized that I have quite a collection of MAC brushes, not including my favourite Elizabeth Arden Face Powder Brush with folding mini face brush. It was so good that I bought another set when I was at Changi airport. Now I am a proud owner of 2 sets of really soft, good and affordable Elizabeth Arden Face Powder Brush. I think one set costs S$29 with any purchase at Nuance-Watsons in Changi airport.

My MAC Brushes
#129 - Powder/Blush brush
#168 - Large angled contour brush
#190 - Foundation brush
#194 - Concealer brush

#209 - Eye liner brush
#212 - Flat definer brush
#217 - Blending brush
#219 - Pencil brush
#239 - Eye shader brush
#252 - Large shader brush
#266 - Small angle brush
#275 - Medium angled shading brush

#316 - Lip brush

After sorting out the MAC brush family, I have come up with a wish list of MAC brushes. This is going to be expensive, and quite a hefty sum!

My MAC Brushes Wish List
#109 - Small Contour brush US$32
#134 - Large powder brush US$52
#150 - Large powder brush US$42
#187 - duo fibre brush US$42
#227 - Large fluff brush US$30

Don't you want to have these babies?? Me! Me! I want!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

bourjois nail polish, 1 seconde and Ultra Shine

I bought my first bourjois nail polish, to be precise, TWO of it. I bought 2 different range to try the quality of the nail polish, 1 seconde with the fan like brush and the normal flat brush Laque Ultra Shine nail enamel.

1 second application per nail. 50 second drying time.
With fan effect brush.
1 nail, 1 coat, 1 second

What do I think of Bourjois 1 seconde?
I was quite sceptical about the fan-like brush as it seems to big for my last fingers. However, it was rather easy to use, and quick drying. This is probably the reason why it's called "1 seconde", it can dry in one second? It is relatively smooth and easy to apply. I applied 2 coats for a nice even color. It will probably takes me a few days to test its durability. I will definitely buy a few more colours from this range to try.
The revamped version of previous So Laque nail enamel with X2 vinyl for maximum shine! 
So Laque Ultra Shine nail enamel, a long-lasting pure nail lacquer!
The formula is enriched with:
- Twice as much vinyl and a blend of highly reflecting resins for nails with incredible shine.
- Fixing agents coating nails with a highly resistant film fthat holds for up to 7 days.
What do I think of Bourjois Ultra Shine nail enamel?
This has the normal flat brush, which is similar to OPI's. I bought a nude colour from this range, which takes about 2-3 coats to see the colour. It is quite easy to apply, but since nude, it can look abit streaky. It looks rather nice on nails since it is shiny even without applying topcoat. I'm not impressed by this range. It can last 3 days on my hands without topcoat. I feel that it is just a slightly above average nail polish. Maybe it is due to the color that I chose?

Cheaper Revlon Cosmetics in Changi Budget Terminal

I'm surprised that Revlon cosmetics is much cheaper in the Changi Budget Terminal Departure Hall than Watson in Singapore. I hauled a lot of stuff, including the highly raved Revlon PhotoReady Foundation (SGD16), Colorburst Lipsticks(SGD9.90).. If I didn't remember wrongly, these are selling in Watson for SGD32.90 and SGD 21.90, respectively. The colour range for the PhotoReady Foundation is wider than Watson too, which carries shade 04 Nude as the lightest shade. I find that 04 is a bit too dark for my MAC NC20 skintone, hence I have been hesitating about buying this liquid foundation. Since the Budget Terminal carries shade 03, I definitely have to buy it! Remember to visit the Revlon shelf if you travel out via Changi Budget Terminal Departure Hall!       

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Face Shop - Home Aesthetic Seaweed Pack

The Face Shop - Home Aesthetic Seaweed Pack
Facial Mask (apply & wash off type)
Good for oily skin type, effective in removing excess sebum

What do I think?
This mask smells good, maybe it's part of the "Aesthetic" to relax the brain with aromatherapy. I used this mask once a week. After washing off, the skin feels smooth and soft but a bit dry maybe because it removes excess sebum. Hence, I will usually follow up with a paper mask or those moisturising sleeping masks. I like the calming effect on my skin and it doesn't cause pimples outbreaks. Lovely.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

stila major lash mascara and lip glaze

 stila major lash mascara

This luxurious cream-based formula adds instant pigment to shine and define. Can be layered for a more dramatic look, keeps lashes soft, and curls on command. The best part there is no flaking and lashes remain large and in charge throughout the day. This is truely a Stila favorite.

What do I think?
I do like this mascara. I am careful when I apply because this is rather wet. It takes a while to dry after application. Hence I will avoid blinking hard to prevent staining my lower lash or eyelids.After it has dried, there is no flaking at all and relatively smudge-free. This is excellent because I have oily eyelids and watery eyes. This mascaras thickens and lengthens, but I don't think it curls on command. I still have to curl my lashes before applying this mascara to get the curls. I think I will buy this again if it is not expensive.   

stila lip glaze

Want lips that get all the attention they deserve? Turn on the shine and you'll be turning heads with stila's most popular lip gloss. Choose from an array of delectable shades that add a splash of color and fabulously matching flavors and scents in one easy click of the famous pen. Cosmetics experts agree-this top seller is an essential addition to any beauty bag.

What do I think?
This is a great product. I always hated how the clinique's lip gloss sticks my lips today. This is not sticky on lips, add shine and nicely scented. I always prefer to apply my lip gloss with the hair-like brush than those sponge-like tips. I am glad I have another few of this lip glaze in different shades. 

I bought my stila products from USA before Sephora Singapore came. I guess it is still cheaper to buy from USA, especially beautycrunch website.

[Product information and pictures are from]

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another 2 lippies!!

I have just received my recent purchase, 2 highly raved lippies! I'm into nude lips now, so I chose these two colours...


1) ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Gloss Stick - Nude Almond
This is sheer and glossy. It feels comfortable on my lips. It has the teinted lipgloss effect, but not sticky or thick at all. Nice! 

On the lips, without flash
With flash

2) YSL Rouge Volupte Radiant Lipstick - #1 Nude Beige
I can't wait to test this on my lips. The texture is very creamy and smooth! This is definitely one of the best lipsticks that I have. It suits my dry and cracky lips and protects with SPF15? I like it! It's kinda expensive, selling in US for USD34.

without flash
With flash

Monday, August 30, 2010

CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara, Very Black

[Photo from]
I have been itching for this mascara as Aubrey (Fafinettex3) from the States has been talking about this. As CoverGirl has vanished from Singapore many years back, I ordered this through one of the spree from the States. It retails for USD8.50, and there is usually a "buy a CoverGirl and get the 2nd 50% off" promotion.

The brush for this mascara is fatter than normal, but I have no problems applying it. I used this as a everyday mascara, which means I applied it without curling my lashes. I believe I should not curl my lashes on a daily basis to avoid breakages.  This mascara is easy to apply, doesn't clumps and I like to do it in the zig-zag manner. I am kind of lazy and usually apply just a single coat. I like the way it lengthens and thicken my lashes, without that very "dramatic" look.  Although it is labelled "waterproof", it was a little more water resistant than a regular mascara. I have oily eyelids and watery eyes. Therefore, after a few hours, I had smudges on my lower eyelids which I have to wipe off. This is definitely not the worst mascara that I have used, MAC Plush Lash smudges terribly on me.  I feel that if I applied the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to eyelids and lashes before applying LashBlast, it can help to prevent the smudges better. 

Although this is waterproof, I have no problems removing it as I use Beaute de Kose Ultimation Softening Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup.

This is definitely an affordable mascara for daily use. I guess it will work wonder for those girls out there with dry to normal complexion. Although this mascara creates a natural long and thick lashes, I am still searching for the perfect mascara.    

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hada Labo

I have used up one bottle of the Hada Labo Moisturising Lotion in 2 months! I am glad that it isn't expensive and I can slap it all over my body. I am onto my second bottle.. :)

Watsons has launched the Hada Labo's products in Singapore in June 2010. Hada Labo, a Japanese pharmaceutical company has launched its range of moisturising, whitening and exfoliating skincare in Singapore. The signature range is the Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising series.

Hada Labo finally has a Singapore site! I read the product information in Japanese previously when it was about to launch in Singapore. Check out more information at : 
I bought the Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion (SGD22.90), Hydrating Essence (SGD30.90) and mask (SGD21.90). 

Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion
I use the Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion, as a toner for my face, twice a day after cleansing. The lotion is jelly-liked, but turns into lotion upon contact. I apply the lotion on my palms and gently pat onto my face until absorbed.  And my face feels softer, more supple and toned. I will wait for the lotion to be absorbed before applying the next product. It takes about 30secs to be absorbed?
At night, I will also apply the Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion to my hands and legs as I have very dry skin. I am in an air-conditoned environment for almost 20 hours each day. I guess this might be the main cause of super dry skin. I don't like to apply mositurisers as they leave a sticky feeling. It feels as if I haven't bathed or have sweat a lot. Hence, I have used the Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising lotion to replace my body mositurisers. I am definitely sticking to this Hydrating Lotion.

Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence
Since I have very dry skin, I guess I'll need more care after the Hydrating Lotion. I used the Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence after the Hydrating Lotion every night. This essence seems to be working fine, but I don't like the sticky after-feel after it is absorbed. I think I will switch to the AquaJuJu Essence after I have used up this Hydrating Essence. I have tested the AquaJuJu Essence at Meidiya's pharmarcy and the texture is amazing.  

Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask
I like this paper mask, but I think it's pricey. I have been using quite a few paper masks, and this is not the best that I have used. I feel that the quality of this mask, is about the same as the Taiwanese's My Beauty Diary and FaceQ. In fact, the FaceQ paper mask has a better fit to my face. But since this has more Super Hyaluronic Acid than the hydrating Lotion, I believe it should have more significant effect than the Taiwanese paper masks. However, I will still stick to my cheap Taiwanese paper mask which I can afford to use everyday. The price of one sheet of Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask is equivalent to four sheets of Taiwanese paper masks.
Since I have sensitive and dry skin, I am glad that the
Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising series hasn't caused any pimples breakout yet!